Hello world!

OK, friends!  I’m not going to keep it all “in”, anymore – I’d like to say, “STUFF IT!”, to the politicians who decided, several years ago, to ruin a good/Great! thing we/Americans, used to have going:

Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Needs to be set back to the original idea:  Observed, Always, on the Third Thursday, each November!

Do you remember?  Some of us are too young; some of us know; from grade school on, it was, used to be, we could plan on FULL 4 weeks, +, between Turkey Day, and Christmas.

Now, (don’t You?) I find myself, being run-ragged, Far more stressed, with much less Enjoyment, for the coming of Christmas.  There’s no time to be relaxed, no time to “breathe”.

Not enough shopping time.  (Big Point, for retailers, as well, right?!? More shopping days would help retailers) Not enough baking time.  Not enough “pageants and concerts-time”.  Not enough socializing time, time to gather, reflect, laugh…Not enough time to enjoy the Planning, the Anticipation … Not enough time to ENJOY!

… Not enough time to wrap presents, that we haven’t had enough time to buy, and choose, and shop for … Not enough time for decorating … not enough time for cleaning … not enough time for travel-planning and packing for that trip, or just traveling. And … ?

Are there any more?  What good reasons can you think of, too, for all of us to have seven more days, a whole week more, between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I’m serious.  IF we can get enough of a groundswell, over time, of “Let’s go back to … the way Thanksgiving / Christmas Seasons Used To Be”, I’ll do everything I can, to start the political ball rolling. Rolling all the way, from our state to D.C.!  Let me know how you feel, won’t you please?   I’d really like Help, to get things back they were, all the time we were growing up.  It WORKED!

Thanks!  Leslie


Besides carrying around this Christmas calendar pet peeve, I’m a Downers Grove (western suburb, 26 miles out of Chicago), IL, almost 30 years, raising my kids as a single mom, in Rothschild and Mosinee, WI; I enjoy my 2 grown kids, 1  1/2 grandkids, (plus 2 beautiful step-grandkids!) blessed to have my, at long-last, soul-mate of a husband, and, at long last, I live closer, to my beautiful sister, Kerrie, whom I love Dearly;  I spent nearly 30 years, raising my kids in North central Wisconsin (LOVE Wisconsin!);  I grew up in Waukegan, IL, which was, and is, a beautiful town, right on Lake Michigan, north of Chicago.  I am working full time, I LOVE my life, which, as everyone’s, has Struggles, at times.  – and, special Thank you! to Author and bloggess, Jenny Lawson!  You have brought me much laughter, when I could find none on my own!  I also enjoy the joy in each day, in spite of the dark ones, that you find, and share with us. You remind me to find those joys, in my days, too.  And plow through the shadowed days, with Hope.